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CREATION OF ADDITIONAL 18 STATES: NEED FOR A REFERENDUM (6) “The creation of the 12 States by General Yakubu Gowon structure was necessitated by…

ILLEGAL UNIVERSITIES AND SCHOOLS   “Amend the NUC law and give the commission sufficient powers of immediate and outright closure of illegal universities with further powers of severe sanctions including forfeiture of the school properties to government while the promoters, founders, councils and teachers of such illegality should face life imprisonment”.   Long ago during…

“No other irreplaceable resource has been wasted in Nigeria, like the resource of time. The capital lost by Nigeria to illegal oil bunkering, gas flaring, oil spillages and other oil related environmental degradation put together cannot equal 10 percent of the capital it loses due to lack of proper time management by its working class”

“Education is the most potent weapon to fight ignorance and poverty as well as a veritable tool for self development and advancement of society”. Education serves as a means through which the knowledge, learning and skills of a society or group of people is passed from generation to generation.

Last week, I wrote about the misconception of the true role of education which in large measure has resulted in the decline in quality of education in Nigeria. I stated among others that the purpose

It is apposite to posit that in order to properly build up a child and make a total man/woman out of him/her, there is an absolute need for the cooperation between the home and the school.  It is in appreciation of this dictum that the

.In the last two months, I have been writing on the falling standard of education in Nigeria, its causes and effects. Specifically, I have looked at the role of parents and the place of curriculum in this regard. But as from this week, I will be writing on teachers and their employers and how they…

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